About ATI   

   Founded in 1999, Asia Technology Initiative (ATI) is a Stanford-affiliated student-organized entrepreneurship program whose goal is to build long-term ties between Stanford University and Asian academia and industry. Through its unique summer internship program for Stanford students, ATI has generated incredible interest and excitement both in Silicon Valley and in Asia . In addition to participating in overseas hi-tech internships, the students engage in preparatory entrepreneurship seminars at Stanford and coordinate culminating summer global entrepreneurship conferences at their respective sites.   

   Over the years,ATI has launched successful global entrepreneurship programs in Shanghai , Tokyo , Bangalore and Hong Kong . In 2005, ATI added Singapore, which stands alongside Bangalore and Shanghai as ATI's main sites this year. Over the years, ATI has secured a formidable list of advisors that include Stanford's administrative leadership, renowned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and industry luminaries in Asia . Sponsors of ATI China 2006 are Stanford University , Focus Ventures , Dragon Bridge Capital and DFJ Dragon .    


About the Conference

   The culmination of the 7th Annual Asia Technology Initiative program will be a global entrepreneurship conference. In the past, the conference has attracted hundreds of attendees, including the CEOs of major US and Chinese technology firms such as SINA, Alibaba.com, and InfoSys; venture capitalists; government officials; representatives from top universities in China; and local media.

   In addition to providing unique networking opportunities for the high-profile attendees¡ªespecially the chance for U.S. based companies to meet up-and-coming Chinese entrepreneurs¡ªthis year's conference will focus on the rapidly changing nature of the web. Panels will facilitate discussion on Web 2.0, alternative energy, and the issues of intellectual property in China.


Conference Objectives

•  To allow venture capital firms to see first-hand the private equity market in China, and to expose Chinese entrepreneurs to successful venture capital models.

•  To build networking bridges between the VCs and entrepreneurs in China, and between academics and industry practitioners.

•  To put on a high caliber conference in all respects, including panel topics, content, speakers, and attendants.

•  To create a conference that is both fun and valuable for all participants.



•  Local entrepreneurs

•  Technology professionals interested in entrepreneurship

•  Investor community

•  Legal community specialized in investment / intellectual property

•  Local MBA students interested in pursuing entrepreneurial career


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•  Dragon Bridge Capital

•  Shanghai Genius Advanced Materials

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•  Unbounded Learning

•  Shanghai Venture Capital

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